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Address: 6 Ohm Steet,

Kya Sands, Randburg

Gauteng, South Africa

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Waste Worx collects and processes more municipal recyclables than any other company in Gauteng.

We do it through working partnerships with the local communities.

From collection to processing, Waste Worx are the partners your community can count on for economically and environmentally sustainable recycling programs.

While most communities rely on local municipalities to handle collection and disposal of waste, we can handle any or all portions of the recycling process.

In addition to understanding the importance of a program that is economically feasible, we also understand the benefit of programs that are easily workable for your residents.

That's why we've initiated a single stream concept, enabling us to provide a recycling solution, which allows customers to mix recyclable paper, plastic and glass in one bin.

We will complete the sorting process at our own facility. Therefore no need for the separation of recyclables by yourselves.

Residential single-stream programs can greatly increase the recycling rates, recovering as much as three times the amount of recyclable materials.

Residential Recycling