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Waste Worx supplies a range of static waste compactors, which can cater for for various waste & recycling operations.

The term 'waste compactor' means equipment that is specifically designed to compress various waste streams in order to improve storage and transport efficiency.

Compactor Machines

Companies that compact their waste, prior to collection, can significantly reduce their storage and transportation costs, wind pollution is eliminated, insect and rodent problems eradicated, bad odours and airborne particles minimized and unauthorized disposal by third parties is prevented.

These units are available in various sizes, and are used for the on-site compaction of high volume, compactable & low density waste.

Due to the bin being sealed, which the waste is compacted into, this system provides a permanent, long term solution which eliminates wind pollution and pilferage.

In addition, the machines we supply can be financed on a monthly rental basis or alternatively as an outright purchase.

The maintenance of the equipment will be provided for by our own professionally trained technicians.

This system is ideal for supermarkets and mid to large size commercial properties which generate large volumes of waste.